Our Service Packages


Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Our clients benefit from personalized, quality service that is beyond comparison. We have listed the services that we offer to our clients, together with a brief description.

Client Services

Accounting Services

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Providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a full range of cost effective accounting services including the following:

• Audits & Reviews

• General ledger & financial statement preparation

• Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual)

• Accounting system setup for new businesses

• Compilation of financial statements



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Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.

Our professional bookkeeping staff is here for you.  No matter the size of your business, if you are self-employed or operate a business with several employees.  Our professional bookkeeping staff can prepare a general ledger for you in Quickbooks or Caseware, simply accounting and Sage-ACCPAC they can prepare payroll records, filing of GST/HST returns, and government assistance programs.


Assurance Services

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An audit or review of a company’s financial statements provides a higher level of assurance that communicates reliable information to other users.  These financial statements can help growing businesses provide valuable financial information to obtain financing.

Our assurance team has experience in several industries including manufacturing, real estate, wholesale, and food industry.  Our team will provide timely and efficient preparation of audited and reviewed financial statements.

Business Consulting

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• Management advisory

• Financial modeling

• Business financing assistance

• Mergers and acquisitions

• Corporate structuring and restructuring

• Reorganizations

• Due diligence

• Cash flow projections

• Exit, retirement and succession planning

Tax Services

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We provide advice and services for the following

• Corporate tax and planning

• Personal tax and planning

• Identification of opportunities and issues

• Mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations

• Strategic estate and succession planning

• Terminal personal tax return and estate returns

• Tax consulting

• Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)Non-resident tax services for filing T2062s (sale of Canadian real estate by a non-resident)

Estate Planning

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Planning for the future can be a difficult undertaking.  We are here to assist you and your family by providing thoughtful guidance to ensure the succession is a smooth transition. 

→ Establish a succession and estate plan that suits you and your family’s needs

→ Providing guidance in establishing trusts

→ Re-organization of corporate structures

→ Discuss and provide a retirement plan that meets your goals

→ Estate freezes

→ Discussing and advising on the implementation of asset protection and wealth management strategy


Canada Revenue Agency Tax Audits

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Receiving a letter from Canada Revenue Agency “CRA” can be stressful and unwelcomed.

We are here to guide you through the process in responding to the CRA.  Our firm has responded to endless amounts of CRA audits and inquiries with successful outcomes. 

We have experience with the following audits:

• T2125 Business statement audits

• T777 Employment expense audits

• Vehicle expense audits

• Professional expense audits

• GST/HST audits and inquiries

• Payroll and source deductions reviews

• Corporate tax audits

• Net worth audits